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Press Release

December 18, 2022

Tom Barron, President of the Bellville Turnverein Association announced that after nearly six years of planning, fundraising, engineering, and unforeseen delays, the $1.4 million restoration of the Turnverein is officially completed. Working with the Texas Historical Commission, the Project’s goal of restoring and air conditioning the hall while maintaining its historical character has been achieved preserving the historic and iconic 1897 dance hall for future Bellville generations!

The restoration work was very extensive. All electrical wiring and plumbing was replaced. The restrooms were refurbished and upgraded and the kitchen converted to a modern catering kitchen. The roof structure and building supports were repaired and strengthened. New roofs were installed on the cupola and the rear of the hall and lightening arrestors added. All fire hazards including the 47 year old natural gas heaters and the cooking range were removed. Edison bulbs were added to light the dance floor and LED up lighting added to highlight the impressive roof structure.


Exterior shutters, original to the hall but long removed, were replaced and large windows added to preserve the full view of the countryside. The wood dance floor was repaired and conditioned and new coats of paint were applied inside and out. Modifications were made where necessary for ADA compliance. The air condition system was added with minimal visual impact both inside and outside the hall. Mr. Barron said the Restoration group wanted to particularly thank all the donors that made the restoration possible. In addition, the group thanks David Bucek of Stern & Bucek, the historical architect on the project for the excellent work he and his team including Greg Tinkler, the HVAC engineer have done on the project. Another thank you also to David Bartay of Gaeke Construction, the general contractor for the work and his many subcontractors.

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